How Can I Help MY Hair Grow?

How Does Hair Grow?

 hair science:Hair Growth

She blinded me with science...

Hair all over your body is constantly growing, falling out and being replaced. Proper nutrition and overall health are major contributing factors affecting hair growth.  Likewise, chemical damage altering the optimal conditions for hair growth will stop hair from growing at its customary rate.  Also, as you get older and all metabolic processes slow down, so will the rate of hair growth.

Here is what the normal hair growth cycle looks like:

Anagen: Permanent hair removal can only occur during this active phase.

Catagen: Hair transitions upwards toward skin pore and dermal papilla begins to separate from follicle.

Return to Anagen:Dermal papilla moves upwards to meet the hair follicle once again and hair matric begins to form a new hair

Telogen: Dermal papilla fully separates from follicle.