I consider myself to be a 3c.

Hair Texture Breakdown

Follicle Size Determines Thickness

Follicle Shape Determines Texture


Why is my hair CURLY?

 hair science: Hair Texture

She blinded me with science...

                                            With all the episodes of CSI, Law & Order and even Maury, you should know that it all comes down to one basic                                                   thing now a days—DNA.  Genetics will be the determining factor in your hair color and pattern.  If you look at your                                               parents you should have a good idea as to where your hair texture/pattern came from.  You can even go as far as                                               your grandparents, which is not uncommon.  So, don’t expect your child to have Brazilian Body wave hair if you and                                             your husband have 4c + 3c curls…I'm just sayin'....

 Let’s actually take a look at the breakdown of hair pattern/texture…