Natural Hair Dictionary:  Terminology & Abbreviations

Know the lingo...

2nd day hair- hair that still looks good when you look in the mirror the next day.  “Whaaaat?  I can still rock this!”  Hopefully you will be blessed with some 3rd and 4th day hair as well!

ACV- Apple Cider Vinegar used to seal the cuticle.

APL- Arm Pit length hair

BAA- BIG ass Afro!

BC - Big Chop: when you finally make the decision to chop off all of the heat damaged or chemically treated hair.
Braid Out- A hairstyle achieve by braiding the hair, leaving it to dry and taking it out after.

BSB- Below Shoulder Blade length hair

 BSL- Bra strap length hair

 BSS- Beauty Supply Store (some people’s second home)

 Carrier Oil: these ‘carry’ essential oils onto the skin and are used to dilute essential oils. Examples include olive oil, almond oil and jojoba oil

 CBL- Collar bone length hair

Cherry-Lola Treatment- treatment created by Ms.Cherry Lola herself.  This involves taking Bragg’s Amino Acids + 2 cups of yogurt and adding baking soda.  Apply to the hair, let it sit, and rinse.  Enjoy your curls!  Here is the link to her website and tutorial

Co-Wash- Washing hair with just conditioner instead of shampoo

 CG-Curly Girl

Curly-Fro- Basically and afro, but with curls

DC-Deep condition/er

 Dusting- only trimming off about ¼ of an inch or less of hair leaving what looks like dust on the floor.

 EL- Ear length - Refers to hair length (when completely stretched)

 EO- Essential oils: These are naturally existing oils i.e. peppermint, lavender etc. which are very concentrated and volatile usually accompanied with a fragrance. They are usually extracted from plants and have a wide variety of uses.

 EVCO- Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

 EVOO- Extra Virgin Olive Oil

MBL- Mid Back Length - Refers to hair length (when completely stretched)

NL- Neck length - Refers to hair that reached your neck

 Pinappleing- technique used by curlies to protect and preserve their curls overnight (a curly girl “wrap”).  Place your hair in a high and loose ponytail at the top of your head, and sleep with a satin pillowcase or bonnet.  Take down the ponytail, shake out gently to release the fierceness of your 2nd or 3rd day curls!

Pre-poo-Prepping the hair with some sort of treatment (usually an oil or moisturizer) before a shampoo to avoid dryness.

Protective hairstyle- A hairstyle that protects you hair from breakage when utilized properly.  For example, some updo’s, braids/twists and even a weave can be a protective style.  Once you hair is in this style, you will be manipulating your hair less, minimizing breakage.  It is important to only have the protective style in for a moderate amount of time to avoid the very damage you are trying to p0rotect yourself from!

Sealing- Sealing moisture in the hair, specifically the ends. Effective sealing involves using a water-based moisturizer (a conditioner or cream with water as the first ingredient), and then sealing with a hair butter or oil.  Since butter/oil molecules are usually too large to penetrate the hair shaft, they will stick to the outside and seal in the moisturizer!

 SL- Shoulder length - Refers to hair length (when completely stretched)

 Slip- description of how slippery a product such as a conditioner or detangler may be.

 Staple(s) / Staple Product- Product(s) that you use regularly for your hair. These are usually “must have, even if I were deserted on an island” products for me…

 Transitioning- The period where you are growing out your hair natural but still haven’t cut off the relaxed/damaged parts

 TWA- Teen Weenie Afro

 Twist Out-  A hairstyle achieved by twisting the hair in two-strand-twists, letting them dry, and taking the twists apart to enjoy the waves.