​​2007 BIG CHOP! After Step-Practice

2003 - A year into college out in Hawaii, I decide I can’t keep up with the humidity.  First try at being natural.

2005 - I find a beautician that specialized in “healthy relaxers”.  Though I don’t really want to wear my hair bone straight, the relaxer loosens my curls.  I’m in LOVE.  Get to rock out with my curls out.  Just wet and go.

2007 -BIG CHOP!  I came home at 2:00 am from step practice devastated over a break up, and decided to chop off what that ex-loved the most—my long silky hair. (TMI???)  Not only that, but I had become so frustrated at the fact that only a few strands of perpetrating “long” hair remained.  In the bathroom, and I couldn’t  find a pair a scissors to save my life…so I did it with finger nail clippers.

2007-2008- Mostly natural, but still struggling to fully embrace.  Los Angeles is with land of 85” exotic weaves.  You got that Indian 30”?  Malaysian? Brazilian??  Whaaaaat???? LoL.

2009-  Rockin’ the natural for my President at the inauguration!!! Spent a month in Chocolate City where they love the natural look.  Got more play with the curls that straight hair.  I could get used to this…

2010-  Obsession sets in full force. CurlyNikki, Natural Chica, ChescaLocs my new virtual BFF’s.

2012-  CurlyQueen is born!!!

1992 - los angeles, ca:  Black and Gold Hair Expo.  My mom’s childhood friend from DR “Puchie” gives me a perm and my first real hair cut…a straight bob.  I loved it, but the romance dies once the new growth came in and the breakage began.  Even so, I was still a slave to the pressing comb.  I would go to beauty college’s on Crenshaw to get my hair pressed eaaaarly Saturday mornings. ¡Quemando moño!.

2000- No more perm please.

2002-  I graduate high school with a long mane of hair free from any creamy crack.  I am a master at ironing my hair with a house iron.  Yes, I said HOUSE IRON. My arms were buff and yes, I was able to get the roots! Hey, I’m Dominican.
Here's a little story I like to tell, about a curly-haired girl that was sick of gel....

1980's - in the beginning.....  I don’t mind sharing that I’m an 80’s baby born in the concrete jungle they call New York.  My father was in New York for culinary arts school giving his classically French trained professors a run for their money by making grits casserole for his final…don’t worry, Julia Childs loved it!  This is where he met my Dominican mother, a dancer and coordinator at the Casa Cultural in Washington Heights.

my hair story

here's a little story I like to tell...